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AICO is an award-winning architecture design firm that is committed to innovative design and social responsibility. It is registered in Hong Kong and established in Shanghai.


We truly believe that the built environment has a tremendous influence on impacting and shaping human society. AICO strives to ground its innovative work in human experiences and uses our work as a vessel to connect people with each other, with the community, the city, nature, and the future.


Change is the eternal theme of this ever-evolving, and sometimes chaotic, global urbanization process. While actively embracing the social, economic, and technological transformations, we also constantly focus our work on people and their daily lives. Beyond just providing professional solutions to design challenges, we are always seeking to achieve a balance between functional and social values, bringing buildings, public spaces, and their urban environments together in more cohesive and forward-thinking ways. With both global insight and local knowledge, we encourage more dynamic, diversified, and sustainable design approaches that are both futuristic and context-sensitive, so the places and spaces we design can define trends and embrace future lifestyles.


Established in 2011, the AICO team has grown into an interdisciplinary design studio with more than 200 talented designers. Our team's passion for design and extensive experience in cross-regional and cross-cultural projects reinforces the core strength of our practice: providing holistic design solutions through urban design, architecture, and interior design.


Our specialized areas include mixed-use, super high-rise, retail, office and headquarters, cultural and civic, hospitality, and residential, TOD, and urban regeneration.

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